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The Athena Health Patient Portal is an online resource for patients and their families, offering educational material and communication tools about their health. It is not intended to provide medical advice. For urgent matters, call 911. The portal is not intended to replace a physician’s office, nor does it provide full revenue cycle management. To access the patient portal, you should be registered with your physician’s office. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact a physician’s office or call a hospital emergency room.

It Automates Patient Outreach Campaigns

Athena Health Patient Portal Login Page
Athena Health Patient Portal

Automated patient outreach can be an effective way to communicate with patients, especially in the healthcare industry. Automated patient outreach platforms can send messages to flagged patients with information about filling care gaps, scheduling well-child visits, and getting vaccines. Using data from outreach campaigns to tailor the message to the patient can help you tailor future campaigns. By automating patient outreach campaigns, you can deliver timely messages to patients at scale.

By using data analytics, you can identify the most critical patient groups and tailor messages to them. You can also segment your patient database by their location in the healthcare journey and learn about their preferences, so you can send them more relevant and helpful messages. You can use automated patient outreach solutions to target your entire patient population and deliver campaigns through email or secure text messages. These solutions are effective for addressing the growing demand for personalized health care and help you reduce the cost of manual communications.

Automation can target your entire patient population or a segment. For example, you can target older patients who need to receive a shingles vaccine. While this method is cost-effective, it alienates some patients. A study conducted by a large health system found that 1.5 percent of patients opted out of receiving text and IVR messages. This means that you must be careful and respect the privacy of your patients. However, the benefits of automation are clear: it saves your time and money, and frees up staff to do more important tasks.

Automated patient outreach technologies can save healthcare organizations a great deal of time and money. Automated patient outreach is also effective for appointment reminders and scalable communication efforts. By using this technology, you can build a better understanding of your patient demographics and refine your patient outreach strategy to meet their needs. With this, you can improve your bottom line with value-based reimbursement programs and improve the health of your community as a whole.

Customizable Templates

The Athena Health Patient Portal offers a variety of customizable templates for medical practices. With multiple forms available, you can easily gate them according to appointment type, provider, department, or patient’s age and gender. The patient portal also lets you create custom forms, branded with your practice’s logo. It makes patient engagement easy and improves patient satisfaction. A customized patient portal can also increase patient retention, which is crucial for a medical practice.

The AthenaHealth Patient Portal’s customizable templates include columns for active medication and allergy history. The calendar view helps you see scheduled appointments. You can also register new patients with ease. Moreover, the calendar view makes it easy to review upcoming appointments, set reminders, and register new patients. With the AthenaHealth calendar, you can view upcoming appointments by location and provider. You can even set recurring reminders by text or phone to remind patients of upcoming appointments.

AthenaHealth’s athenaOne patient portal can be used for FaceTime and video conferencing for telehealth. The company is also exercising discretion in video conferencing rules, which is important given the current Covid-19 pandemic. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and you can create custom templates and text shortcuts that suit your practice. The patient portal also allows you to search for labs, refill medications quickly, and communicate with staff.

AthenaHealth is a cloud-based service for medical practices that focus on revenue cycle management, patient engagement, and medical billing. It combines network intelligence with back-office support to create a robust solution for practice management. Athenahealth is known for its superior documentation support and clinical management tools. With AthenaHealth, patients can access their appointments, pay bills, and review lab results from the comfort of their home.

To get your patients on board with the patient portal, make registration as easy as possible. Signing up should require just a few pieces of information, and it should be available at several points during the visit. Throughout the process, you can teach patients about the patient portal through your nurse, receptionist, or medical assistant. The athenaHealth patient portal has tested and proven to be more effective than at-home registration methods. AthenaHealth recommends that staff members use positive language when encouraging patients to register on the patient portal.

Offering Dedicated Account Manager

Athena Health doesn’t offer fully outsourced revenue cycle maintenance, but it does offer a dedicated account manager and a patient portal. Depending on your practice’s needs, you can get support from a dedicated account manager or biller, and you won’t have to pay extra for set-up. During the set-up process, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative who will remain in touch with you and your team.

For patients, the patient portal includes a messaging tool that is HIPAA-compliant. Using this tool, patients can contact your staff, pay bills, receive appointment reminders, and even sign up for telehealth appointments. In addition, the patient portal is easily customizable with your practice’s logo. The Athena EMR patient portal is also compatible with most medical software suites.

Another benefit of revenue cycle outsourcing is that you won’t have to worry about security and privacy of patient information. You can also rely on the software to encrypt sensitive patient data. Moreover, you can ask your outsourced revenue cycle management company about the time it takes to process claims. It’s a good idea to ask whether it includes a patient portal and how much it costs.

Unlike eClinicalWorks, athenahealth’s patient portal doesn’t offer fully outsourced revenue cycle administration. It is an EHR and practice management application that helps users schedule appointments and verify patient insurance eligibility. The platform also has a reporting system that automatically pulls data from your EMR to generate pre-generated reports for you. You can even create custom reports based on your own data.

How to Access Athena Health Patient Portal

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